Energy Audit

Save Even More Money By Getting An Energy Audit From MJW

Most energy tax credits and energy tax rebates require a qualified energy audit. This is the proof government organizations require to give you the credit. MJW Drywall & Spray Foam uses the latest technology to measure the wasted energy in your home.


Blower Door DepressurizationDepressurization

MJW Also uses a industry standard blower door to depressurize your home to +50 Pa and then measure the cubic feet of air movement with a manometer and a smoke puffer pencil as well as infrared imaging. We pinpoint areas where air is escaping or infiltrating your home. This helps us determine where heat is lost and what the corrective measures should be with your energy audit.



Thermal Imaging

MJW uses thermal imaging technology to determine where there are hot and cold spots in your home. With this data, we can determine the best retrofits and insulation technologies to install. Up to 40% of heating costs could literally be flying out your windows and through your walls. We are experts at determining your energy loss. This expensive tool can pinpoint areas in your home that are poorly insulated or missing insulation altogether. Without this tool we could not determine if your cellulose had settled over time or if you even had water damage. Infrared imaging will show wet spots and where water may be penetrating your home which could lead to mold and mildew.


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We set up a blower door through a central doorway, depressurize the house and measure the cubic foot of air movement. During this time we use a thermal camera, small pencil and other various tools to help us locate and seal air leakage. We take this targeted number and figure out how we can make your house that tight. Also during the energy audit we check the heating system's efficiency. We conduct a combustion analysis test on your heating system, measure the stack pressure of your heating system to make sure all carbon dioxide gases are being taken out of your house and we also give other recommendations based on health and safety issues such as carbon monoxide detectors. We also check for gas leaks and carbon monoxide.

For lighting and electrical systems we check for phantom loads such as TV's that are never turned on but draw small loads off of them and how putting a smart pad in could eliminate the phantom loads. At the completion of the audit we take all the measurements and enter it into a program called Treet. Treet calculates the overall efficiency and payback you should receive from any upgrades made to your house. Whether the upgrade is a new heating system or tune up of your current heating system, storm windows or replacement windows, insulation or doors, we take care of it all in house.