Energy Saving Services

As a New England resident, your heating bill is probably one of your biggest annual expenses. With energy efficient insulation and appliances in your home, you could be saving $1,000’s a year.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is one of the most energy saving and environmentally friendly insulation technologies available. Its R value, a measurement of its insulating qualities exceeds any other traditional insulation. Closed cell foam insulation has an R-value of 6.9 per inch which offers a bit barrier at 2 inches that can add up to 300% structural strength to your home. Spray foam is a monolithic application that seals and blocks out air infiltration keeping dust and other outside contaminants out, making your indoor air quality up to 40% cleaner than outdoor air with a proper filtration system.
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Injection Foam Insulation

Injection foam is a great way to retrofit an older home for greater energy efficiency. Because the process involves an expanding liquid foam, there is no need to tear down walls, or even remove old insulation. A home retrofitted with injection foam will immediately become more energy efficient, and stay that way since injection foam will not deteriorate or settle over the life of your home.
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Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation is an environmentally friendly insulation made out of recycled materials, usually paper. Cellulose insulation is a great way to improve a home’s energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. Affordable, safe and fire-resistant, cellulose is a great option for your New England home.
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Thermal Imaging / Energy Audits

MJW Drywall And Spray Foam is authorized to perform energy audits on New England homes. An energy audit is required to obtain tax credits for utilities. 40% or more of your energy costs could be wasted on uncontrolled air-leakage. We use some of the most advanced and accurate methods to determine your home’s energy loss. Find out how much money you could be saving on energy costs with an audit by MJW.
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As our name suggests, MJW Drywall And Spray Foam Insulation specializes in drywall installation, repair and patching.
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Door & Window Retrofits

You’d be amazed how much energy is lost through small gaps and shoddy materials around windows and doors. By retrofitting your doors and windows you could save big on annual energy costs.
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Energy Efficient Light Fixture Retrofits

It’s not just light bulbs that waste energy, it’s the fixtures themselves. With new energy efficient lighting fixtures in your home, you stand to save even more money on annual energy costs.
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