Light Fixture Retrofits

Light fixtures and our understanding of electricity have come a long way from light bulbs hanging from wires on the ceiling. You wouldn’t choose a phonograph over an iPod would you? So why let old light fixtures drive your electric bill up when there are better options? MJW can retrofit your home with light fixtures designed to save electricity. Use new LED low wattage bulbs in your new fixtures to create a truly energy efficient house. For commercial applications we offer energy audits replacing T-12 light fixtures to LED or high-efficiency T-8 along with smart controllers for heating and HVAC systems that could save your business thousands of dollars a year. Relatively low-cost motion sensors installed in a bathroom can save additional hundreds of dollars a year. Many times these upgrades also make you eligible for rebates from your local utility company.

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Existing System:
4-Lamp F34T12 Lamps and magnetic ballast
Power consumption: 148 Watts

Replacement System:
4-Lamp F32T8 Lamp with High Efficiency ballast
Power consumption: 96 Watts – 52 Watt savings (35% reduction)
Light Level: Increase by 3% to 12% depending on lamp used

Alternate Retrofit Options:
4-Lamp F28T8 Energy Saving Lamp with High Efficiency ballast
Power consumption: 84 Watts – 64 Watt savings (43% reduction)
Light Level: Decreases by 3% - Improved color quality may provide better perceived lighting.


Based upon the annual operating hours and utility rate, the energy savings can be used to calculate the operating cost savings:


Annual Operating Hours


Utility rate ($/Kwh)

x $0.12

Energy Savings per fixture (Watts)

x 64

Conversion from W to KW

÷ 1,000

Annual Cost savings per fixture